To work together, everybody must be an active member in the group. Before we concentrate on the challenge that the teacher has assigned you, you are going to work on your group identity, that it to say, you are going to know each other better so you can collaborate in an appropriate way.


How can we do this?


You are going to take the template below and you are going to start filling in information about yourselves. You are going to start in the centre. There, you are going to write your name or nickname.


After this, you are going to fill in the following categories in the following lines:


– Three hobbies.
– Three strengths: what are you good at?
– Any special habit.
– A dream / a wish.
– Something you like about another group member.


When there is only one line missing, you are going to turn the target diagram round and you are going to write something you like about your partners in your partner’s corresponding columns.


Have you finished? Now, you have your group identity represented here!




Now that we are defining our group identity, we need a group name and a logo and, perhaps a folder to save all our work.


Based on the information in the previous activity, invent a name that represents the group and draw a logo in the template provided. You can do some drafts before drawing and painting the final version.


If you are going to do some activities on paper, you also need to create a big folder to save your work. Stick there the logo that you have created.




You have already worked on your group identity and created a name and a logo that represents you. If we want the group to be working satisfactorily, we need everybody’s participation and work. In order to do so, each member is going to have a role and some responsibilities.


Read the possible roles and the corresponding responsibilities in the table below and fill it in; each member in the group will choose a role to fulfil in this short unit.