This is a very easy technique. You have probably used it to think about different solutions. Keep in mind the design brief and think randomly about possible solutions to solve it.

Let’s remind some creative rules before you start generating ideas!


Creative rules:


– Don’t judge.
– Don’t criticize or debate. You can inhibit people from giving ideas.
– Don’t evaluate early in the process.
– Think of alternatives.
– Look for associations.
– Look for the change with crazy ideas.


Write again the design brief to have a clear vision of the problem you want to solve. Then, it is time to generate as many ideas as possible!



5.2. 5 SENSES

Day by day we use all our senses in different moments. So, let’s think about:


– What kind of smell should pervade?
– What textures or shapes would we come in touch with?
– What sounds would we hear?
– What images or colours should we see?
– What about food or drink we would like to taste?


Complete the template taking into account the five senses. What would you like to SEE / SMELL / TOUCH / TASTE / HEAR?




How many times have you wanted to fly? or be super strong? Well, now you can do it! We are going to be superheros and generate ideas powered by their special abilities. Imagine you are Hulk; you are very strong and when you have any injury, it heals on its own because your have regenerative healing factor. How would you solve the problem you have identified being Hulk? How would Hulk like the new design to be or what  solution would he come across with?


You have to put yourselves in their shoes and think as if you were those superheroes. If you don’t know which the abilities of the superheroes are, in the template below there are some of them explained.


Don’t worry if the ideas you say are a bit crazy. It is time to open your mind!




– How would superhero ___________ tackle the challenge?
– What solution would superhero___________ come up with?
– How would superhero___________ tackle this problem?
– How would superhero___________ like it to be?





Until now you have been generating lots of ideas. We are sure that each of you has a favourite idea you would like to develop. Now it is time to start drawing what you have in mind. Each of you will choose the idea you like most and make a drawing of it. Then, you will have to explain your drawing to the other members of your group. Let’s see how good you are!


The SCENARIOS template shows the main characteristics of your favourite idea together with a drawing of what you have in mind. Each of the members of the group should be creating his/her own scenario.





Now it is time to select one SCENARIO for prototyping.


Focus on the design brief, and focus on which of the SCENARIOS fits it better. Think about the benefits and cons for each of the scenarios and discuss about it in your group.


Choose one SCENARIO out of them for prototyping!