Let’s watch the video and find out what we are going to do in this unit. Pay attention! You will need to answer some questions afterwards.


So, what shall we do? Try to answer the following questions. First, you can work in pairs, then, report to the class. Your teacher will help you if you don’t know some of the answers.


– What is “The Neighborhood of My Dreams”?
– What do you need to do?
– Why are you going to do this?
– When will you be working on this unit?
– How long will it take?




In this activity we are going to learn what entrepreneurship means. What is necessary to be entrepreneur?


In the jigsaw activity, you are going to be responsible for one of the videos (1 to 3) below. Each of you will only see one video and your teacher will tell you which one. You will work individually and fill in your part in the table below.


When you have filled in the problem, the solution and the characteristics of a good entrepreneur about the video you have watched, you are going to meet the classmates who have been working on the same topic and share your answers. Do you agree? Do you want to change any answers or add any information in the table?


When you are ready, your teacher will tell you to work with two other classmates who have been working on a different video and you will report your results; in this way you will be able to complete the table with everybody’s information.


Video 1 Video 2 Video 3




So, can anybody be entrepreneur? Today, a local entrepreneur is going to visit your class and is going to talk about his/her experience. Now you have your chance to ask him/her whatever you want to know about entrepreneurship. Let’s prepare some questions for him/her!



Did you get a lot of information from the local entrepreneur that visited your class? You have already done some activities to learn what factors are necessary to be entrepreneur.


Now, you are going to meet your classmates again, you are going to discuss the characteristics that are necessary to be a good entrepreneur and you are going to write these in the Google Docs template below